Wiltse’s Towing

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4 Star Review By Boe Brown

Very happy with the service Wiltse's towing provided. Unfortunate the car has to be towed in the first place, but these folks were right on it and generally easy to work with. That's kind of rare to say about a tow company, but I enjoyed working with them.

Boe Brown Jan 13th, 2021 Google

5 Star Review By John McCarthy

What a great experience. 80 bucks for a tow and more professional than my insurance! I kept getting passed around with USAA but not with Wiltse. They just came and towed the car. It was worth the price of not hassling with insurance since the car was sticking out on a major road. I didn't get the driver's name but if you helped a guy on Brooklake road today, my hat's off to you sir!

John McCarthy Sep 15th, 2020 Google