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Our neighborhood media and marketing platform provides a proven framework to help you grow your local business or organization.

  • Online presence (neighborhood marketing)
  • Reputation marketing & social proof (reviews, recommendations, referrals)
  • Content marketing(blog posts, special offers, projects)
  • Social marketing (social sharing tools)
  • Sales & marketing automation (website chat widget, two-way SMS texting, booking calendars)

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WhirLocal Office In Salem Oregon

(This is our office in downtown Salem, Oregon)

We Understand Local

WhirLocal was built by a local business for local businesses. We are not a billion-dollar bully or venture-funded unicorn.

“We’re Local & Proud Of It” ™

Crafted with ❤️ in Salem, Oregon, WhirLocal is 100% developed and supported in the USA.

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Be a market leader in your local neighborhood

“97% of consumers use the internet to find a local business” 


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Boost your online presence with neighborhood marketing

  • Neighborhood Business Profile 
  • Neighborhood Directory Listing
  • Neighborhood Newsfeed
  • #buylocal

“88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation” 


Make a great first impression with positive reviews and social proof

  • Generate reviews on autopilot
  • Review marketing in the neighborhood, on your website, and social media
  • Give and receive recommendations
  • Give and receive referrals
  • Reputation monitoring (Pro)

“[Content marketing] is all the marketing we have left”

~Seth Godin

Increase your reach and authority with content marketing 

  • Blog posts
  • Special offers
  • Projects and galleries
  • Done-with-you content posting (Pro)

Amplify your message with social media marketing 

Share your content on social media

  • Easy social sharing tools to share your own content or neighborhood content
  • Social marketing software (available as an add-on)
  • Done-with-you social posting (available as an add-on)

“89% of consumers prefer sending a text vs calling a local business” 


Lead Connector Add-on

(Available With Pro Package)

Website SMS Chat Widget

Convert more website traffic by giving visitors the option of connecting the way they prefer – text.

Our website chat widget immediately creates a conversation in our lead connector platform so you can text directly from your keyboard and it doesn’t end when they leave your website. 

    wlio website chat widget

    Text or Call “Smart Number”

    We’ll include one local “smart number” that you can use to allow 2-way SMS texting (without having to give out your personal cell phone number).

    • Put on website
    • Use in ads
    • Build a VIP SMS text list
    • … and more

    Compare and replaces services CallRail and ClickSend.

    Additional “smart numbers” are available for either $10/mo (local) or $15/mo (toll-free)

    (up to 5000 SMS texts per month. One text includes up to 153 characters)


    mobile phone
    CRM and conversations

     Two-way Messaging

    With our conversations inbox, you can manage two-way conversations from your desktop or a mobile app, without having to give out your personal cell phone number

    • Website SMS Chat
    • Text or Call Conversations
    • Calendar Confirmations
    • Facebook Messenger

    Book Appointments With Ease

    Stop going back and forth with your prospects to book an appointment! Book appointments with ease directly on your Google calendar and fill your sales calendar today.

    Compare and replace services like Calend.ly, YouCanBookMe, etc.

    (Up to 5 calendars)

    Book appointments online

    Marketing Packages

    Billing Cycle: Yearly (save 16%) Monthly


    0 /mo
    • WhirLocal Neighborhood Marketing (Business Profile / Directory Listing / Newsfeed)
    • WhirLocal Review Generation & Marketing
    • Recommendations
    • DIY Content Publishing Tools (Blog Posts / Offers / Projects)
    • DIY Social Sharing Tools
    • Affiliate Referral Program
    • Email Support
    • DIY Package


    97 /mo 970 /yr
    • All Go Features Plus
    • Priority "Grow" Neighborhood Listing
    • Easily Generate Reviews On Sites Like Google & Facebook
    • Display & Market Google & Facebook Reviews
    • Email & Phone Support
    • DIY Package


    2970 /yr 297 /mo
    • All Grow Features Plus
    • Featured "Pro" Neighborhood Sponsor & Interactive Ad
    • Done-with-you (DWY) Review Generation
    • Display & Market Reviews From 20+ Review Sites
    • Reputation Monitoring
    • DWY Content Publishing (you write - we post)
    • Lead Connector Add-on (Website SMS Chat Widget / Two-Way Messaging / Booking Calendars)
    • Priority Zoom Support

    No Per User Fees

    Choose a plan and get started today so you can stand out from your competition and thrive.

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    Download our FREE PDF "10 Ninja Hacks To Stand Out From Your Competition & Grow Your Local Business"

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why are reviews and positive testimonials so important?

    You’re losing business to your competitors if you aren’t being proactive about leveraging testimonials and social proof in your marketing.

    Positive testimonials and social proof helps you stand out from your competition and grow your business. Period.

    Because testimonials just click ™ with consumers. 

    Can I seen an example neighborhood business profile and directory?

    Sure. Check out our neighborhood directory for Salem, Oregon, and click on any of the listings.

    We're building an alternative to Yelp, Angie's List, Home Advisor, and Nextdoor. 

    How do you help generate more reviews?

    We make it easy to generate a steady stream of positive reviews. Here are our two most popular tools:

    1. Kiosk or 'Check-in' Mode: Use our kiosk or 'check-in' mode to make it easy to get your customers into your review funnel. Once you capture their contact information, it automatically triggers the Review Invite Email Campaign and optional SMS text message.  [See Example]
    2. Upload Contacts: Upload a contact list and easily ask them for reviews using our automated Review Invite Email Campaign.

    Both of these methods drive your customers into your Review Funnel, making it easy to generate a steady stream of positive reviews.

    What do you mean by Recommendations?

    We've built an easy way for you to build a virtual recommendation wall of other places on WhirLocal that you know, like, and trust. This helps build social proof for your business or organization. You can be recommended by unlimited places, and each account level has specific limits on how many businesses you can recommend. [See Example]

    What does 'Unlimited Earned Contacts' mean?

    Any contact that writes a review or fills out a form on your profile is considered an "Earned" contact and goes into your contact manager. There is no limit to how many you can earn. In contrast, each account level has limits to how many contacts you can upload into your contact manager.

    What are the Neighborhood Publishing Tools?

    Content is king! We've given you the ability to publish blog posts, projects, and special offers. This helps build social proof and can grow your business. 

    What is a Neighborhood Newsfeed?

    Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Nextdoor, and other sites all have newsfeeds. The problem is, these newsfeeds are not focused on your local neighborhood. We've built hyper-local neighborhood newsfeeds so you can see what is going on in your neighborhood without all the drama and content you don't need. [See Example]

    Can this help me with my social media marketing?

    Yes! We've developed a proprietary TURBO Content Framework ™ to help you generate content and answer the question of "What do I post?" on my social media channels. With our WhirLocal Plus plan, we provide a done-for-you social media posting service using this framework. 

    WhirLocal TURBO Content Framework ™

    Can I see an example "Community Hub"?

    Of course. Here is a "Buy local" community hub that we are running in Salem Oregon to promote Salem area businesses.

    What is the affiliate referral program?

    As a WhirLocal Affiliate, you earn recurring commissions in two ways;

    1) Direct referral commissions of 20% (recurring) when someone signs up for a WhirLocal membership through your Unique Affiliate URL and buys or upgrades to a paid membership account.

    2) Bonus referral commissions of 10% (recurring) when someone signs up for a WhirLocal membership through the Unique Affiliate URL of one of your direct referrals and buys or upgrades to a paid membership account.