Vitamin D is a hormone that controls calcium levels in the blood. We need vitamin D to strengthen our bones, muscles, and improve our overall health.

Unfortunately, many people do not receive enough vitamin D, which can lead to a host of problems. For children, vitamin D can cause muscle weakness or sore and painful muscles. For adults, a lack of vitamin D can include a variety of symptoms including:

• Fatigue
• Bone pain
• Muscle weakness
• Muscle aches
• Muscle cramps
• Mood changes

Calcium Absorption

Vitamin D is necessary because the body needs it to be able to absorb calcium and promote bone growth. When we get enough calcium, it dissolves in the stomach and is absorbed through the lining of the small intestine and into the bloodstream.

Once the calcium is in the bloodstream, it begins to build the bone and regulates the expansion and contraction of blood vessels. Not only that, but proper calcium absorption helps the body perform other important functions to promote better health.

Helps the Parathyroid Glands

The parathyroid glands work to balance the calcium in our blood. It does this by communicating with the kidneys, gut, and skeleton.

When we have enough calcium in our diet and enough active vitamin D, calcium is successfully absorbed and used in the body. If you don’t have enough calcium or your vitamin D is too low, the parathyroid glands will essentially take the calcium that’s needed from the skeleton to keep levels at the normal range.

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Low Vitamin D Increases Risk for Certain Diseases

Another reason having adequate vitamin D is important is because it can help protect the body from certain diseases.

Unfortunately, when we have too little vitamin D in our bodies, it can increase our risk for certain health conditions such as breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and heart disease. This is why it’s important for individuals to maintain a sufficient level of vitamin D in their bodies.

Vitamin D is one of the most important hormones that our bodies need. Here at WFMC Health, we like to educate our patients on the importance of protecting their bodies through the right hormones. Take charge of your health today by incorporating vitamin D into your diet.

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