When you’re pregnant, the hope is that everything will go smoothly from beginning to end. Everyone wants to have a healthy, adorable baby at the end of a pleasant, uneventful pregnancy. While that is the hope for all parents, there are potential complications that can occur along the way.

Placenta previa is a condition that affects some women when they are pregnant. Simply put, placenta previa occurs when the placenta covers the opening of a mother’s cervix. It can cause complications for the mother and child during pregnancy and sometimes require that a C-section be performed.

What Are Some Symptoms of Placenta Previa?

If you are experiencing painless bleeding from your vagina in your second or third trimester, you should get in touch with your doctor. Some women who have this condition also experience contractions. Furthermore, many find out they have this condition in the early part of their pregnancy. In some of those cases, the condition resolves on its own and there doesn’t need to be any further intervention.

Your doctor will want you to avoid the worst-case scenario associated with placenta previa, which is life-threatening bleeding during labor and delivery. They also want to help you avoid needing a C-section before your baby is full-term.

What Are Possible Doctor’s Recommendations?

Your doctor is going to want to help you go full-term with your baby. They will base their treatment on what is best for you and your unborn child. If you’re diagnosed with placenta previa, a doctor may recommend that you refrain from sexual intercourse, tampon use, and using douche. They may also ask you to avoid certain types of exercise, like running and squats. The reason behind these recommendations is that these actions may cause contractions.

Are You Higher Risk for Placenta Previa?

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While any pregnant woman can be diagnosed with placenta previa, some things could put you at higher risk. Some of these risk factors include:

• A previous diagnosis of placenta previa
• You are carrying more than one child
• You are older than 35 years of age
• You are a smoker
• You are a race other than Caucasian
• You have a history of cocaine use

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