Finding out that you’re pregnant with multiples is always a surprise. You were already preparing for one baby, and now you’re going to have two or three? Pregnancies with multiples carry a higher risk of complications and require extra doctor visits, but for dedicated parents, it’s worth the extra work. Here’s what to do if you’re pregnant with multiples.

1. Consider Increased Trips to the Doctor

Two (or more) babies can mean twice the effort, and the increased strain on your body can lead to more complications down the line. Talk with your physician about scheduling increased doctor’s visits so that you can ensure that the babies are healthy and happy. Your doctor might recommend visiting a specialist who’s trained in dealing with twin pregnancies. He or she might also recommend increased testing throughout your pregnancy.

2. Take in More Vitamins and Nutrients

You’re not just eating for two now—you’re eating for three (or more)! Work with your doctor to make sure that you’re getting the right amounts of vitaminscalories, and protein for your unique condition. Women carrying twins require more nutrients than women carrying singles, so it’s important to figure out a dietary plan that keeps all of you healthy. Folic acid is frequently recommended for women carrying twins as it reduces the possibility of birth defects.

Ultrasound photo of twins

3. Prepare Yourself for Changes to Your Body

Everyone is familiar with the symptoms of pregnancy, even if they’ve never been pregnant before. These symptoms include morning sickness, weight gain, mood swings, and spotting. Having multiples can exacerbate these issues, particularly weight gain and morning sickness. Women carrying twins also typically report more back pain than women carrying singles. Talk to your doctor to get help with managing your symptoms.

4. Get Ready for a (Possible) Early Labor

Women carrying multiples typically go into labor a few weeks earlier than women carrying singles. To make sure that you’re ready, pack a bag with everything you need for a trip to the hospital. Recommended items include changes of clothes, toiletries, a robe, a cellphone charger, baby bottles, a set of baby clothes, and whatever else you need to make you feel comfortable. Remember that you’ll need to bring two (or three) of everything for the babies—you’re carrying multiples, after all!

Being pregnant with multiples can be a challenge, but following the above tips can help make your time with child go smoother.

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