COVID-19 changed the world forever. Millions of Americans could no longer work, go to school, or participate in other everyday activities. For months, the public waited for the arrival of the only way to end the pandemic and return to normal: the much-anticipated vaccine.

To be clear, more than one vaccine has successfully passed through rigorous safety testing by the Food and Drug Administration. Each vaccine has important differences.

Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech and the mRNA Vaccines: How Do They Work?

The Moderna and BioNTech vaccines have earned approval for safe administration in the United States. These two vaccines are unique because they utilize a technology that allows the body to create immune cells that target the COVID-19 virus and prevent infection. Clinical trials found that the vaccine produced immunity to COVID-19 in over 95% of the patients who received it. The Moderna vaccine was close behind with 94% effectiveness in preventing COVID-19.

The clinical safety trials also showed that neither vaccine produces serious side effects, so it’s safe for the majority of the population. Talk to your primary care physician about mRNA technology to learn more about its safety and benefits.

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Are These Vaccines Safe?

Understandably, some people have concerns about whether the vaccine was “rushed.” While it is true that the COVID-19 vaccines were developed at a rapid pace, they still went through the tough FDA regulatory process, including clinical trials with human test subjects to ensure their safety.

In light of the emergency situation that emerged early in 2020, research groups moved quickly to begin the process of creating a vaccine. However, much of the research that went into the creation of the current COVID-19 vaccines had occurred over years prior with decades of research into mRNA technology already achieved. The decades of accumulated scientific knowledge allowed for the speedy creation of a safe, effective vaccine.

Do People Who Already Had COVID-19 Infections Need the Vaccine?

Yes. Although it might seem odd at first glance, even people who have recovered from COVID-19 infections should get the shot. The main reason to get vaccinated, even if you already had COVID-19, is that experts do not yet know how long immunity to COVID-19 lasts — it could be as short of a timeframe as a few months.

Please reach out to your primary care physician for additional information regarding the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine. Our doctors now offer online telehealth consultations that you can use to meet with a health professional from your living room.

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