You shouldn’t risk the health of yourself or others to enjoy the holidays. Because of the present challenges we are facing with COVID-19, families are searching for unique ways to celebrate this holiday season.

Sending cards, participating in a pandemic parade, and having a virtual party are all ways you and your loved ones can enjoy this time of year while social distancing appropriately. Please make sure to contact your telehealth provider to help with social distancing and safety practices.

Send a Card or Other Festive Arrangements

Both physical and digital cards are being offered to spread holiday cheer this year. You can purchase cards, or make cards as a family! Online shopping can also add to the perfect social-distanced holiday by sending flowers, arrangements, or gifts of all kinds to loved ones near and far.


Create a Pandemic Parade

Something that was created as an offset of COVID-19 is the celebratory “pandemic parade.” This idea first came up during graduation season when families decided to celebrate their graduates despite schools canceling graduations.

In place of the traditional procession across the stage with family and friends in the audience, cars were able to drive by the house, honk, and drop off gifts for the new graduate. Birthday parties, baby showers, and anniversary celebrations soon joined in the pandemic parade to spread some active cheer.

Neighborhoods or families can invite others over to look at their holiday lights and decorations as well as drop off gifts to their loved ones. This can be done while wearing a mask and social distancing without having to get out of the car.

Have a Virtual Party

Facebook is one company that has created a way for families to watch each other in real-time through a smart camera. Some other ways you can do this include using Facetime, Google Duo, ZOOM, Skype, and Amazon Echo.

With these suggestions, social distancing for the holidays doesn’t have to feel too different from traditional celebrations. If you need to see a medical provider during the holidays, contact us for a telehealth visit.

Do you have more questions about managing your health this holiday season in Salem OregonContact our friendly staff at WFMC Health or become a new patient today!

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