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Halloween can be a fun and exciting time for kids. They get to put on their favorite costumes and see how much candy they can collect. As a parent, you want to make sure your children stay safe, so remember the following tips related to costumes, candy and pumpkins.


• Utilize costumes that are reflective and bright. Make sure that they aren’t big and bulky, which could cause entanglement or tripping.

• While masks are easy to slip on, they can inhibit vision. You may want to consider using non-toxic makeup as an alternative. It’s important to test makeup on a small area of the skin to make sure that there are no allergies to the substance.

• Use reflective tape on each trick-or-treat bag to increase visibility.

• Have your kids carry some type of flashlight or glow stick so they become more visible to automobile drivers.


• Be sure to inspect all types of candy before it is eaten by your child.

• Check to make sure that none of the wrappers have been tampered with. Candy that has twisted ends should receive a thorough inspection as these can easily be undone and rewrapped.

• Examine candy labels for ingredients if your child has allergies. Separate any candy that might set off an allergic reaction with your child.

• Watch for candy that could become a choking hazard. If you have children who are under 4 years old, they may not be able to chew food properly. Hard candy or gum should be separated from the rest.


• Pumpkin carving should be performed by an adult. Allow children to draw a scary face on the pumpkin with markers before it gets cut.

• Rather than using a candle inside of your pumpkin, consider utilizing a glow stick or flashlight for illumination. If you need to use a candle, a votive candle is going to be the safest choice.

• When a pumpkin is lit, make sure it’s placed on a sturdy surface such as a table or the ground. There should be no flammable materials around the pumpkin. When placed on a porch, be sure to provide a good amount of room between the pumpkin and the area where visitors will be passing by.

• A pumpkin with a lit candle should never be left alone.

By taking the time to follow these safety tips, you’ll have peace of mind and your kids will stay safe.

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