Taqueria Alonzo

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5 Star Review By Tony Grimes

Great food. Best Mexican food around. Great service and friendly The place looks better and a great place to eat at. The food and service are awesome. I like how they fixed the inside and closed it off. We all ate here today, The food was delicious, The service was great, We all enjoyed our food. Uh We eat here today and the food and service was great. We all enjoyed our food, My wife loved her food and she eat about all of it Stopped by here and had lunch The food was delicious and we all enjoy our else We had a great meal and a great time. Had a great meal here today πŸ˜‹ ☺️ Four of us had a great lunch today here πŸ˜‹ ☺️ Worth the drive πŸš—

Tony Grimes Mar 1st, 2024 Google

5 Star Review By Danna Geil

Not many places make authentic street tacos. This place DOES! Their food is so tasty and super affordable. They also boast many drink options. Their chips are unique as well. They have 3 Locations, Albany Oregon, Lebanon Oregon and Corvallis Oregon. Ciao!!

Danna Geil Mar 21st, 2024 Google