Regal Cinebarre Movieland 4 out of 5 Write a Review

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5 Star Review By Kyle Knight

My first time visiting the Cinebarre, and I was very impressed. The staff was polite and helpful, the auditorium was clean and spacious. My only two complaints are that I felt the volume was WAY too high, and it made it difficult to enjoy the movie at certain parts (we saw Tenet). My second complaint is the saltiness of the popcorn, for the most part it tasted fine and it actually had a good amount of butter. But occasionally you’d find an extremely salty piece.

Kyle Knight Sep 18th, 2020 Google

5 Star Review By Marcia Lancaster

You get to watch a movie and eat your meal at the same time and they bring the food right to you. What more could you ask for? Oh and no screaming children in your ear. Fantastic.

Marcia Lancaster Oct 2nd, 2020 Google