Quality Window Cleaning

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We’re a locally-owned business specializing in windows (inside and out), siding, and gutter cleaning for both residential and commercial properties.

My business slogan is, “We do the work, you see the results,” which is a play on words because you do “see” the results through your newly cleaned windows. Aside from that though, the word “result” is something I live by. Results are what makes changes and how things succeed – or by seeing the results. I have always been a result-oriented person because I thrive off achieving a goal.

~Cody Carr, Owner


Featured WhirLocal Reviews:

So Many Windows!

Cody has cleaned the windows at Salem Paint Company several times. We have so many windows!
Dozens! Really! Cody cleans them all in record tme. It is so nice to be able to look out at the world through our crystal clean windows!

Carol M. Jan 13th, 2021

Great Work!

Cody came and cleaned our windows as we were preparing to sell our home. They came out great and it really added to the quality appearance of our house. He does great work and is dependable.

Andrew I. Jan 13th, 2021