Oregon Humane Society Salem Campus

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5 Star Review By Stephanie Leeth

During non-covid times, you're able to roam the kennels to see the cats and dogs. Volunteer opportunities here are really great. Staff is able to answer any questions. Website adoptable animals is updated very, very quickly. Although there are rules that can be inconvenient, I think it comes from a place of being efficient and making sure the animals go to the right home.

Stephanie Leeth Jan 11th, 2021 Google

5 Star Review By Brittany McClain

Love what they do, I do believe this is a great place. love some of the staff. ONE bad experience was,I was told by a lovely girl on the phone to show up the next day WITH my dogs to meet another dog. (quarentine, trying to limit interactions) But I got there and the staff member who was supposed to help me (different lady) chewed me out and passive aggressively talked to me the rest of the time there. I was so put off that I didn't schedule anything else even though I was actively looking for a dog at the time. I'm not knocking a star off because I actually used to work here years ago, and I know how hard these people work and how compassionate they are. I'm sure that hasn't changed maybe that lady was having a bad day. .. It was just a miscommunication that went really wrong.

Brittany McClain Jan 14th, 2021 Google