Mexico Lindo Restaurant & Lounge

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4 Star Review By Aaron Edewards

The family restaurant is a hard sell in North Albany anymore, I think. Mexico Lindo bravely soldiers on, but the location is just tough. I really hope they survive. The food is good enough to make it. My daughters liked the burritos, and I had the carnitas.

aaron edewards Mar 4th, 2024 Google

5 Star Review By Jennifer Jacobson

Mexico Lindo staff really know how to make you feel welcomed and that they appreciate your business. Their customer service is top notch! Not only that their food is delicious. We are also salsa snobs and their salsa is amazing! We purchased a 16oz container to take home.😋 Our favorite Mexican restaurant in Albany! 🙌

Jennifer Jacobson Nov 23rd, 2023 Google