As a Commercial garden we look to buy locally as often as possible and these guys are the best around . Very knowledgeable super friendly and professional.
Keith Shea
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Written by Keith S. on July 20th, 2018

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5 Star Review by Joe N.

They are some fun-gi’s. Their fungus cultivation supplies don’t leave mush room for improvement.
~ Joe N.

5 Star Review by John D.

Legacy is great! These folks have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I had not attempted to grow plants in a long time, and Legacy was able to help me from begginning to end. They also were abl…
~ John D.

5 Star Review by Chris W.

Definitely best hyrdo store in salem the guy is the nicest coolest guy with a ton of information and his store has everything you need if you can support his business not a lot actually care about the…
~ Chris W.

5 Star Review by Geddy J.

Great place to get growing supplies, owner/ employees are cordial and knowledgeable, don’t be shy to ask them questions, they know a lot about growing and will share with you. They have about everyt…
~ Geddy J.

5 Star Review by Diana Z.

They are an awesome source for organic garden supplies
~ Diana Z.

5 Star Review by Janine L.

I love this place!!! They are super helpful and kind. They always have what we need and their selection of soil you can only find there is amazing. This is our go to grow place from now on it’s a li…
~ Janine L.

5 Star Review by David M.

Nice garden supply store that doesn't feel like a corporation.
~ David M.

5 Star Review by Zachary N.

The employees here are VERY knowledgeable in what they are doing and what you are doing!!! Prices are average, but knowledge is outstanding !!!!
~ Zachary N.

5 Star Review by J H.

Great place to buy your Clonex products or Root Riot Cubes for propagation! Knowledgeable OG staff who know the industry and can lead you in the right direction! - Clonex Josh
~ J H.

5 Star Review by Brandi P.

Great place to get quality soil and supplies.
~ Brandi P.