Insight Pest Control- Salem

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5 Star Review By James O

I’ve been using Insight for a few years now. First time was at a rundown rental where there was a serious (like coming out of the floorboards and ceilings bad) ant problem as soon as we moved in. Negotiated with the landlord to let me call out an exterminator after months of trying to fix it without success - seriously tried everything. Insight solved the problem within a couple visits. Now my wife and I are first time home owners and when I saw lots of ants on the exterior the first thing I did was call Insight to set up an annual plan. So glad I did because over the summer not only did they stop the ants, they also helped with spiders, got rid of a yellow jacket nest, and now they’ve helped with rats in the attic. All the techs that have been out have been polite and knowledgeable. They’ll treat your house for the pest(s) and also educate you on steps to take to keep the problem from arising again. For example, they can’t treat for fruit flies but the fruit fly problem from hell was solved when the technician noticed a bag of birdseed in our utility room that we were using for an outdoor bird feeder - he said that’s a common breeding ground for fruit flies. Within a couple weeks of removing the bag to an outdoor shed there have been no more fruit flies. Last visit the technician pointed out from a distance a spot on our carport where they suspected rats might be climbing into the attic under some flashing. Sure enough, I climbed up on the ladder to have a look later on and there were droppings all around that area so I sealed it up how the technician recommended. Anyways, it’s a long review but don’t hesitate to set up an appointment with Insight. I also recommend the annual plan because they’ll make quarterly scheduled visits and then come out whenever you need in between if problems arise. It’s not inexpensive but in our situation it has been a bargain, as well as a relief to know we’re covered.

James O Nov 12th, 2020 Google

5 Star Review By Rachael Chapman

Wow! This pest control company is amazing. All of the technicians are kind and thorough. The product actually works. We had a lot of bugs, including fleas from our dogs and after the first treatment there was a huge difference, after a few treatments I rarely ever see any bugs in our home! I highly recommend this company!

Rachael Chapman Nov 3rd, 2020 Google