Hoover Elementary School 3.5 out of 5 Write a Review

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4 Star Review By Karina Guzman

The Spanish kindergarten teacher Ms.A is AAAAMAZING! She is such a sweet lady and very passionate about what she does. My daughter made so much progress while in her class. As far as the school goes, I would like for there to be more parent meetings with actual conversation, or a more welcoming atmosphere overall. Even a monthly newsletter would be great. As a working parent who can't volunteer in the classroom so much, I all too often felt disconnected from the school and my child's education. I'm looking forward to first grade, our kindergarten teacher set the bar high. :)

Karina Guzman Aug 12th, 2015 Google

5 Star Review By David Aguilar

I moved from Houston, Tx to Salem back in '95/'96 school year and attended this school. My teacher was Mr. Remy. Met a koo friend name Ryan. Would be nice to link back up with some old friends.

David Aguilar Oct 30th, 2015 Google