Lawn Care

Greenworks has been taking care of of lawn for 4 years and ALWAYS does an outstanding job. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for great landcare service!

Written by Anonymous on May 17th, 2019

Reviewing: Residential Landscape Maintenance

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1 Star Review by Claire H.

Greenworks was hired on my behalf by my property manager in Albany a duplex that I own. I had a huge tree removal (several very large trees) in the front yard in February which left sawdust all over t…
~ Claire H.

Mrs Ava Henry is So Wonderful to Work With. As a First Time Investor, I Wasn’T…

Mrs Ava Henry is so wonderful to work with. As a first time investor, I wasn’t completely sure of the process but Mrs Ava Henry helped me through it all and I made a profit of $6,500 with an investm…
~ Yahaya M.

1 Star Review by Ryan M.

They mowed the lawns in an RV park I’m at in Lincoln city and decided to just run over my Mat and throw it under my trailer.
~ Ryan M.

Current Customer That is Getting Very Frustrated with Services Being Missed. Had…

Current customer that is getting very frustrated with services being missed. Had my back flow tested and was informed that my sprinkler system was not even turned on despite it clearly saying they off…
~ John C.

5 Star Review by Eastsideops P.

Good quality work and incredible attention to detail! Great business to work with. Highly recommend!
~ Eastsideops P.

5 Star Review by Brittany S.

I'm never going to hire another company ever again. The care and attention they put in to cleaning up my yard has won me over. Without a doubt, the work was above and beyond anything I could've imagin…
~ Brittany S.

5 Star Review by Ivan B.

I had services done by them and they are very knowledgeable of what is the best route to restore my backyard. The cleaning was fast and clean. My yard looks amazing and ready for decoration.
~ Ivan B.

5 Star Review by Robert D.

Greenworks have tamed our overgrown and weed infested landscape as well as repaired a brick walkway that was dug up by others to repair a water leak, that you can't tell it was repaired. Excellent wor…
~ Robert D.

5 Star Review by Marc S.

We have been using their mowing and clean up services for over a year now, had a bew lawn installed in our back yard and they did a tremendous job. I reccomend them highly!!!!!
~ Marc S.

5 Star Review by Stephanie S.

Everything they do is top notch. The work is high quality, the employees are very friendly and responsive and go the extra mile. I can recommend them without hesitation.
~ Stephanie S.