Thinking of redoing your landscape?

One of the fascinating things I have watched happen, is when new owners acquire their house or office complex, they redo the landscape.

There is one place, I have landscaped 5 different times. Quite a few at least twice. Most, for different owners.

One of the reasons I didn’t do much work for builders. You landscaped the front with hopes for a referral to do the backyard. Then they would move in and complain about that darn landscaper putting in red blooming azaleas. Don’t they know I hate red. Another backyard project, got away.

So it would go from one loving grass and wanting few bushes, to one hating grass and only wanting plantings.

Of course to be fair, it could be due to family needs and the like.

This topic also leads to a discussion on Xeriscapes, zero scapes, native landscaping & naturescaping. What’s the difference you say….stayed tuned for the rest of the story.

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