Egan Gardens

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5 Star Review By T. Sharp

My husband and I visited Egan Gardens for the first time recently and based on our experience, though we weren't quite ready to purchase I wanted to give this nursery a thumbs up due to their customer care. I was already impressed with their website ease and clarity of information, after reviewing several Salem nurseries online and Egan's website is *safe for browsing* unlike many others in Salem. After browsing the nursery and what's available, we took a walk around the grounds and were greeted by Ellen, who made a point of stopping to say hello and chat with us. Having relocated to Oregon from the Bay Area, Ellen's kind welcome and willingness to talk about our needs and educate us about plants, even though she didn't carry them, was quite generous of her. We had a wonderful first experience and will definitely be back once we get our garden plans in place. Thank you, Ellen! Take care and stay safe.

T. Sharp Mar 14th, 2021 Google

4 Star Review By Richard Allen

Wonderful selection! Great place, could spend hours parusing there. Better prices than Al's and has a discount program too.

Richard Allen Mar 16th, 2021 Google