Dutch Bros Coffee

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5 Star Review By Larayne Edwards

What can I say besides YUMMMM it's my fav spot

Larayne Edwards Aug 26th, 2020 Google

5 Star Review By Maria D. Hammer

Love my West Salem Dutch Bros. My family and I are frequent flyer. I love it even more that many of them know our order. As a former server and bartender I know the importance of learning your regulars orders. I may not have known your name but I knew what you drank, how many you drank and when you were ready for another round. It's nice to hear, "I thought I saw your car pull in so made your drink. Unfortunately, it wasn't you." Oh shoot!!!! It's the 1st and I forgot to have my other half get me a sticker!!!! Dang it!!!

Maria D. Hammer Jan 1st, 2021 Google