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5 Star Review By RevDraculVon OutlawsministriesMC

Dr Summers and all the staff were the best I've ever met in my life and I have traveled the nation as a trucker. In my past in Oregon, other dentist put me in a lot of pain and the reason why I wouldn't see a dentist. But, my mom and dad went there and told me what great people who care and work there. In other places I was always in pain during a tooth pull and after. NOT HERE :) They made sure I didn't feel any pain during and after and made me feel very comfortable and safe!! Dr Summers and all his staff help me get over my fears and I even now want to come on a regular basis!!! They make it comfortable to come on in and feel good about yourself ! And that matters !! I will ONLY SEE THEM, I don't care if I'm in the east coast with a bad tooth I'll just have to park my big rig and fly to see Dr Summers and his staff cause it's very important when you find folks who truly care about YOU and your well being!! Thank you ALL for a great tooth removal and helping me get over my fears !! Thank you again and God bless you all!! Dave the Trucker :)

RevDraculVon OutlawsministriesMC Oct 9th, 2020 Google

5 Star Review By Maryjane Schlotzhauer

I made an appointment with Dr Brian Summers, and his Staff are amazing and a blessing to us. They help me so much with my fear and anxiety of Dentist. They talk u threw it and help u understand. He pull 3 wisdom teeth and a filling with in 3 weeks. And I’m with no pain even the next day I had no pain after the surgery. He is a very wonderful Dentist and I will keep seeing him for the rest of my life. Oh and now my husband and our son will see him all so. Thank you to Calapooia Family Dental Maryjane Schlotzhauer Jefferson Oregon

Maryjane Schlotzhauer Jul 3rd, 2020 Google