Excellent Company

We have used Bonn Roof Care in the past and knew they would be the best company for our roof care. We had not had it cleaned in a few years and the moss was starting to be very noticeable. The company sent a representative to do an estimate and they were extremely competitive for the high standard of work expected. They worked with me to set up a service date that was a few weeks out from the day I called for the estimate because of our scheduling. They arrived on time (actually early, lol, good for them) and spent the day paying attention to EVERYTHING that needed to be done and performed an exceptional job. The office staff was fantastic. They answered all my questions with patience and good humor. I wish all companies had the foresight to hire employees that seem to enjoy their jobs as Bonn Roof Care seems to have accomplished. They also sent out a representative a few days later to make sure that the job had been performed up to their standards and MINE. Excellent customer care in addition to their main task.....Roof Care.

Written by E R. on June 21st, 2020