Beggs Tire & Wheel

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5 Star Review By Lynn Stimson

I stopped by Beggs Tire and Wheel this past week to purchase new tires as my current set were long overdue an update. How incredible is it to order tires one day, have them come in the next day plus install them in ~30 minutes! All staff are so friendly and customer focused! Thanks so much! No doubt I'll enjoy my new tires plus feel safe on the road! I'll be back! I stopped by Beggs Tire & Wheel for the first time yesterday afternoon to have a tire checked. Tire was checked, nail pulled, tire repaired all at no charge! I was back on the road in ~ 20 minutes!! Who could ask for more! Incredible customer service! Thank you. I know where I'll buy my next set of tires!!

Lynn Stimson Feb 28th, 2021 Google

5 Star Review By Miles Henderson

Super fast! Amazing prices on tires and install rates! They even took me on the floor safely to show me exactly what they were doing. Great service and quick to contact. Highly would recommend. Les-Shwaab screwed me over too many times.

Miles Henderson Oct 28th, 2020 Google