All Star Labor & Staffing, LLC

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5 Star Review By Jacob Boggs

I gave it five stars because they buried my one star review saying that they have not paid me it is December I worked for the money in October. They will use a bunch of very nice courteous words to basically tell you that you are out of luck sorry better luck next time. It should have been a warning sign that they said it's okay if you fail a drug screening just don't tell the people on your assignment. Granted I was only dirty for THC. however I could only imagine with some of the co-workers I've seen on these assignments that it's more broad than just that.

Jacob Boggs Dec 12th, 2020 Google

5 Star Review By Joshua Parks

These people are fantastic and helpful! They’ve done anything they could to keep me active and working. They have been so helpful, I’ve been able to stay above water while we’re all looking for full time work for me !

Joshua Parks Feb 28th, 2020 Google