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Westmoore Church Exterior

In the heart of South Oklahoma City stands Westmoore Community Church (WCC), a place where the doors are always open to anyone seeking solace, community, or a fresh start. Affectionately known as “The Flock that Rocks,” WCC is more than just a church—it’s a vibrant, welcoming community that embraces all with open arms. At the helm of this dynamic congregation is Pastor Glenn Quirk, who recently took over from Founding Pastor Paul Cunningham to lead the church into the next era of growth and outreach.

Pastor Paul was led to start WCC in 1994 in a small shopping center located at 89th and S. Walker. His goal was to create “a new church for a new generation”—a place where people could come as they are and worship God in a new way. Their loud, rock-style worship led to the church’s nickname. Someone in the adjacent neighborhood filed a noise complaint, which was picked up by the evening news, and growth skyrocketed.

Paul went on to lead WCC for almost three decades, from the shopping center to next door to Westmoore High School, and then to WCC’s current home located at 11513 S Western Avenue. Feeling that his retirement was approaching, Paul began the search for the person who would succeed him in leading WCC into the next chapter of ministry, and found him in Pastor Glenn Quirk.

God’s fingerprints were all over this move to bring Pastor Glenn on as an associate pastor and begin the process of mentoring and preparing him to take the helm. An unexpected health crisis for Pastor Paul moved the timeline for this transition up considerably, but the people and staff of WCC, led by Pastor Quirk, stepped up in unity to continue Paul’s vision seamlessly.

“Books should be written about the leadership transition process here at WCC,”

Pastor Glenn, praising Paul’s preparation and foresight.

On February 25th, 2024, after serving in an interim capacity for approximately 18 months, Pastor Glenn was officially named as Senior Pastor of WCC in the presence of Pastor Paul, the leadership of the Evangelical Covenant Church, and a standing-room-only crowd in attendance to celebrate the life of Paul and to bless Glenn, his wife Christina, and their family.

From Poteau to the Pulpit: The Journey of Pastor Glenn Quirk

Born and raised in Poteau, Oklahoma, Glenn Quirk’s life has been a testament to the power of faith and community. At 17, during a worship service, he experienced a profound encounter with Jesus that would shape the rest of his life. Though he initially pursued a business degree and a career as an insurance adjuster, his heart remained tied to the church. Through various roles in different churches, including a significant period at Victory Church in Oklahoma City, Quirk found mentorship and a calling to ministry that prepared him for the leadership and community engagement that would define his tenure at WCC.

Embracing the Challenge: Stepping into Leadership at WCC

Quirk’s transition to lead pastor at WCC was as unexpected as it was providential. Having experienced “church hurt” at various times as a pastor, Glenn had stepped out of “professional” ministry, obtained his real estate license, and was working side by side with his bride, Christina, while pastoring individuals during the course of his day-to-day activities. Over a two-week period, God made it clear to both Paul and Glenn that they should meet, and over many conversations shared together in the ensuing months, it became clear to both of them that Glenn was being called to step into the role.

Under Paul’s mentorship, he was prepared to carry the torch of a church deeply embedded in the South Oklahoma City community. His leadership comes at a time when the notion of a “real church”—one that actively seeks to heal and integrate those who have experienced hurt within their spiritual journeys—has never been more critical.

A Vision for the Future: Community, Inclusion, and Action

Pastor Quirk’s vision for WCC goes beyond traditional church activities. It’s about creating a community where everyone is welcome, regardless of their past or present struggles. It’s about putting faith into practice through outreach programs, community service, and support for local missions like The Jesus House and The City Center. Pastor Glenn believes in a church that serves not just its members but its community, making a tangible difference in the lives of those it touches. As he succinctly puts it, “Any theology that doesn’t pave the road to application is bad theology.”

“Any theology that doesn’t pave the road to application is bad theology.”

Pastor Quirk

Engagement and Impact: WCC’s Role in the Community

Under Glenn’s leadership, WCC continues to emphasize community engagement through initiatives like annual service days, food drives, and special offerings that support local missions. These activities are not just about providing services but also about building relationships, offering a place of belonging, and healing. Quirk’s personal experiences with “church hurt” inform a compassionate approach, ensuring WCC remains a safe haven for all.

WCC’s commitment to the community is further exemplified by its diverse array of programs and ministries. From vibrant children’s and youth programs to engaging small groups and impactful worship services, there’s something for everyone at WCC. The worship style creates an energetic and inviting atmosphere that draws people from all walks of life.

Looking Ahead: Building on a Legacy of Love and Service

As WCC looks to the future, the focus remains on embodying the love and teachings of Jesus in every aspect of church life. Pastor Quirk envisions a church that not only meets the spiritual needs of its congregation but also serves as a pillar of support for the entire South Oklahoma City community.

“My dream would be that if the doors to this church were ever closed, not just our members would be sad; that a whole community would grieve the loss of a community supporter.”

Pastor Quirk

A Call to Join the Journey

Westmoore Community Church stands as a beacon of hope, healing, and community engagement in South Oklahoma City. Under Pastor Glenn Quirk’s leadership, it continues to welcome all who seek a place of belonging, understanding, and purpose. As WCC embarks on this new chapter, it invites the community to join in its mission to be a “real church” for everyone—a place where faith meets action, and love knows no bounds.

Whether you’re a lifelong believer or someone searching for answers, WCC’s doors are open, and its family is ready to embrace you with open arms.

To learn more about WCC visit their featured profile below, or you can find them on Facebook here:

Author, Joseph Singleton’s baptism at WCC, Photo credit: Schofield Media

Joseph Singleton is a contributing author and online editor for Whirlocal South OKC, Moore, and Norman, as well as the Ops Guru at HITE.

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