The IRS advises to file your taxes early if possible. This helps to avoid last-minute stress that could increase the chances of making a mistake or missing the deadline altogether. Incomplete, wrong, or late tax-related information on the required forms may result in steep fines, delays in processing, and could possibly trigger an audit. Here are a few ways to increase your tax filing efficiency.

Gather and Organize Your Tax-Related Data Ahead of Time

Procrastinating is not the best approach to filing your yearly taxes. Seasoned tax experts urge taxpayers to begin gathering their necessary tax-related data well ahead of the filing deadline.

After you have gathered the proper forms, receipts, and necessary documentation proof for making tax deductions, organize your information and put it in a safe place.

A list of itemized tax deduction documentation can include wages, work-related expenses (like uniforms, shoes, special supplies, and licensure fees), childcare expenses, college tuition details for college-aged dependents, charity donation amounts, and healthcare costs. These items can be hard to obtain at the last minute.

Make Use of Technology When Doing Your Tax Preparation

Many people are unaware of how useful certain technologies can be when filing taxes. There are tax-related computer platforms, various tax blogs and online information, and convenient plug-in tax forms to quickly determine your eligibility for certain tax breaks.

The IRS cautions that even simple calculation mistakes can result in tax headaches later. Always double-check all calculations with a calculator or other useful tool.

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When to Call a Tax Professional

It can be hard to keep up with tax changes. Tax professionals will have the most up-to-date data. These experts often find more tax deductions that you may fail to spot. If you or your business is under an audit or your taxes are complicated, it is wise to consult with a local tax professional.

Taxpayers can save time, effort, and money by filing early and making use of technology to double-check calculations and other documented details. Contact a tax professional in your neighborhood if you are unsure of the process or have complex issues or questions.

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