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A fitness revolution is taking place in Moore, Oklahoma. Launch Bungee Fitness, a pioneering studio founded by Hannah & Hayley Jamil and Stephanie Espolt, is introducing a groundbreaking approach to exercise that’s captivating women across the community, and across the globe. We Oklahoman’s know all too well how late trends tend to find us; so we’re uniquely blessed to have this bungee fitness opportunity. This unique venture offers more than just a workout; it’s a transformative journey towards health, empowerment, and unity.

The Launch Point: From Discovery to Revolution

The journey of Launch Bungee Fitness began with a shared passion and a bold idea. The founders, who met through their love for group fitness, stumbled upon the concept of bungee fitness and were instantly enamored. Recognizing the potential for a fitness revolution in Moore, they embarked on a mission to open a studio for this community. Despite facing the hurdles typical of new ventures—from securing a suitable location to mastering the nuances of teaching bungee fitness—the trio persevered, driven by a vision to make a meaningful impact on women’s health. 

Soaring to Wellness: The Bungee Fitness Experience

Working out at Launch Bungee Fitness isn’t just an exercise; it’s a funky-fun adventure into wellness that literally lifts participants off their feet. This innovative workout method harnesses the dynamic power of bungee cords attached to a harness worn by each person, allowing for a range of movements that defy gravity. Imagine leaping higher than ever before, performing squats without strain on your knees, or flying forward into a sprint with the bungee’s support and resistance. This method combines the exhilaration of aerial movements with the rigor of resistance training, offering a full-body workout that enhances strength, flexibility, core strength and cardiovascular health. “It’ll get your heart-rate up!” quotes, me, Amy Singleton, your writer, who tried it during this interview. LOL. 

The beauty of bungee fitness lies in its adaptability. It welcomes those who have been sidelined by joint pain, chronic conditions, or fear of injury, offering a safer, low-impact alternative to traditional high-impact exercises. For women in Moore, bungee fitness has opened the door to rediscovering the joy and freedom of movement, providing a workout that is as beneficial to the body as it is uplifting to the spirit. 


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It’s absolutely perfect for those of us who might have been athletes like gymnasts, cheerleaders, soccer, tennis, or softball players, but we have old injuries that keep us from the routines we once knew. It’s also just right for someone who may have never tried working out before. Launch aims to provide a place of connection & learning while giving you a heck of a workout!

Cultivating a Community in Mid-Air

At the core of Launch Bungee Fitness is a vibrant, supportive community. The studio has become a sanctuary where women can challenge themselves, overcome fears, and embrace joy in exercise. The founders emphasize inclusivity, ensuring that every member feels welcomed and valued. This ethos has fostered an environment where friendships flourish, and women empower each other to reach new heights in their fitness journeys. In a day & time when it’s hard to find new real life friends, this offers a beautiful opportunity for the women (& the few men who dare) of Moore. Men, the owners say, often underestimate the power of the workout because it seems so fun & easy. The men who’ve tried it have conceded that the workout was a heart-rate thumper!

Transformative Flights: Stories of Change and Triumph

The true community power of these ladies & their passion shine brightest in the stories of their members. Take, for example, a woman who joined the studio on the recommendation of her physical therapist. Following a severe car accident, she faced a long road to recovery, grappling with mobility issues and chronic pain that made even walking a challenge. Bungee fitness offered her an unexpected pathway to healing. Within weeks, she noticed improvements in her balance, muscle strength, and overall mobility. But perhaps more significantly, she found joy and confidence in her body again, celebrating each class as a victory over her circumstances.

Another member’s journey illustrates the emotional and psychological benefits of bungee fitness. Battling depression and feeling disconnected from her body after years of neglect, she was skeptical but hopeful when she attended her first class. The support of the bungee, coupled with the vibrant community at Launch Bungee Fitness, provided her with a sense of achievement and belonging she hadn’t felt in years. With each session, her mental fog lifted, her energy levels increased, and she found herself looking forward to her next class with anticipation. Bungee fitness became not just a workout for her but a lifeline—a source of strength, community, and renewed self-esteem.

The best part about Launch is the community. I came into the studio alone and was a bit trepidatious. I’ve been with Launch for almost 3 years now, and have made lifelong friendships.”

Jenn S. Launch Bungee Fitness Client

Empowering Ascent: Spreading the Bungee Revolution

The ambition of Launch Bungee Fitness extends beyond the walls of their studio. By training individuals interested in opening their own bungee fitness studios, the founders are spreading their passion nationwide. With their viral social media following for their super-satisfying-to-watch reels, they’re making waves internationally; but only those of us here in Moore (and those willing to drive here) are reaping the benefits of this new Launch into fitness. That’s why they’re teaching others to take this concept back to their own communities. This initiative not only amplifies the reach of bungee fitness but also empowers entrepreneurs to make a difference in their communities.

Leaping Forward: The Future of Bungee Fitness in Moore

The future of Launch Bungee Fitness is as dynamic as the workouts it offers. With plans to expand their services and continue fostering a strong community, the founders are committed to staying at the forefront of the fitness industry. Their vision is clear: to keep innovating, inspiring, and empowering women to lead healthier, happier lives.

In Moore, Oklahoma, Launch Bungee Fitness is more than a fitness studio—it’s a movement. By offering a new approach to exercise, building a supportive community, and championing women’s health, the founders have created a beacon of positivity and health and an approachable solution to fitness. For those looking to revolutionize their fitness journey, Launch Bungee Fitness invites you to take a leap and experience the joy of bungee fitness.

To joint the Launch Bungee Revolution, reach out to them on their featured business profile below! You can also learn more about them on their socials at:

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