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I ain’t lyin’, y’all. My Momma’s doctor called her in a prescription from Six Flags, on a weekend because Mom was able to shoot her a quick text about her symptoms!

Here’s how it normally works: (You probably know this rigamarole.)

I feel sick.

I call the doctor’s office.

I wait, press three, then leave a message, only to find out that there are no appointments today or tomorrow.

When I finally get to see the doctor, I wait an hour past my appointment time, spend exactly 4.2 minutes with the doctor, leave with a prescription, and have to swing through the pharmacy on the way home…

If this sounds familiar, you might…have SEEN A DOCTOR in the past decade. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming doctors, it’s not their fault.

As we introduced in this article, there is a new way, and its name is DIRECT PRIMARY CARE.

Right here in Norman, Dr. Amanda Wright is pioneering a transformative approach to healthcare at Harmony Health Direct Primary Care. It’s a model where frustrations with the existing system pave the way for a revolution in how care is delivered—personally, directly, and sincerely.

It became very stressful on me…not getting enough quality time with my patients.

Dr. Wright

For Dr. Wright, the shift to Direct Primary Care (DPC) isn’t just about changing how she practices medicine—it’s about rectifying the systemic failures that plague traditional healthcare. Frustrated by the constraints and inefficiencies of conventional models, Dr. Wright has embraced DPC to restore the focus of healthcare to where it belongs: the patient.

Imagine having direct access to your doctor via text, a quick call to discuss symptoms, or even the peace of mind that comes with knowing your physician is just a message away—even on weekends. This level of access was once unheard of but is now the cornerstone of Dr. Wright’s practice. This isn’t just about convenience; it’s about cultivating a relationship where your doctor truly knows you and your health history.

With membership rates that challenge the high costs of traditional care, Harmony Health offers an affordable, transparent approach to health maintenance. For less than the cost of most gym memberships, individuals and families in Norman can receive comprehensive, unhurried, and dedicated medical attention.

At Harmony Health, Dr. Wright provides a healthcare experience defined by its emphasis on patient relationships and proactive care.

The beauty of DPC is its simplicity and the return to the roots of medicine. Here, the focus shifts from quantity to quality. It’s about spending time with patients, understanding their concerns, and building a care plan that respects their individual needs.

“It became very stressful on me as a doctor to have to see more and more and more patients in less time and feel like I’m not getting enough quality time with my patients.” Dr. Wright shares her reasoning for making the switch to DPC

Patients appreciate the no-rush appointments, the ability to reach their doctor after hours, and the comprehensive care that covers their ongoing health needs without the fear of extra charges.

In a traditional model, a “fee for service” is paid, which means every interaction with your provider has to be coded & billed for. With DPC, all of that goes out the window, and we just get to have a relationship with our doctor. If this were any more old fashioned or wholesome, she’d be showing up for house calls and treating our animals.

**Dr. Wright does not do house calls or treat animals, but she will treat your family from newborn to great-grandma & keep you all on the path to wellness at Harmony Health’s office at 1016 24th Ave NW Suite 110.**

A lot of people have had questions about WHO this is for. Is it for people with insurance or without? The answer is really both. DPC is perfect for people who have no insurance, high deductibles or catastrophic health plans and need a primary care provider at an affordable cost. It’s also perfect for people with traditional insurance through their jobs, the VA or even Medicare. DPC for the insured is a matter of accessibility and convenience. For anyone looking for a real relationship with their doctor, this is a great fit.

I have to admit that my own mother goes to Harmony Healthcare, & it’s been a God-send. Once, Mom called me to tell me about an issue (on a weekend), and she incredulously said, “I’m supposed to be able to text my new doctor,” so I told her to do it! Within hours, Dr. Wright had responded & called in a prescription for mom FROM A ROLLERCOASTER at Six Flags! She was with her family & was caring for mine. Talk about service and commitment.

Dr. Amanda Wright and Harmony Health are at the forefront of a healthcare revolution in Norman. By embracing this new-fangled concept, they offer a model that other practitioners and communities might follow. It’s a return to the fundamentals of good medicine—care, compassion, and connection. In a world where healthcare often feels impersonal and rushed, DPC offers something different. It’s about time healthcare became about the patient again.

For those in Norman looking for a different kind of healthcare experience, Dr. Amanda Wright’s Harmony Health may just be the answer you’re searching for. Join the revolution, where your health truly matters.

To get in contact with Dr. Wright and Harmony Health, check out their featured business profile below. You can also find them on social media here:

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Amy Singleton is a contributing author and online editor for Whirlocal South OKC, Moore, and Norman. She’s the host of the Queen Lead Podcast, a motivational & marketing keynote speaker, and the CEO at HITE.

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