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House in Astoria

Ok I am going to try to do this again I don't think the other one went thru. In March we contacted you about work we needed done in Astoria. You came out and looked, took measurements and discussed what we wanted done. Within a few weeks you sent us and estimate of work to be done, and the amount of $40,000 to 50,000. You set up a new apt, and 3 people came this time. One of the people was Kent from RAM JACK. We never asked for him, but you both said he is just here to "CONSULT WITH US" YOU MEASURED AND CHECKED EVERYTHING, and said we would hear from you within a week. At the meeting I asked you if I could record our meeting and you all said sure. You said repeatedly that you were honest and we could trust you. You said you would not let us down and would not cheat us. I truly did believe you. Then we got a new proposal from you but not you....It was a sorry letter from you and a new proposal from RAM JACK with a proposal of almost $70,000. Boy what a shock. we were very sad you. had lied to us. and refered us to a MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE COMPANY. I am very sorry. We are on a limited social security income, and did over extend ourself on this project. .

Written by Pam and Bill M. on July 2nd, 2015

Reviewing: Foundation Repair & Restoration