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Great Workers

We had 5 workers show up to do the retrofit. They went right to work and worked all day. Very efficient and thorough job. Only 2 came the next day to finish up and they did all the clean up, which was very well done. Only thing that happened and not their fault: we were told by office staff that we didn't have to move much, just things from where the "fittings" are going to go". Well, when they showed up, they told us we had to move a LOT more than that!! One person wanted everything moved from floor to ceiling. We discussed this and we didn't mind that they were going to slice the paneling up at the top so they did that instead of removing all the paneling.. They did do other things while my husband and I scrambled to move everything from the places they asked us to. So there was no wasted time standing around. Remember that we've been in this house for 40 years, so the basement is totally packed with stuff!!! They didn't grumble that we should have had this done before they arrived, at least not within my hearing. So if you can imagine 7 people running around in the basement!! We did in fact move quite a lot out before they came and moved more while they were at lunch. All the workers were very nice and had good work ethics. I was impressed. The building inspector also said they did a good job and we passed inspection. This company came, gave us a bid, showed us brochures, told us what they were going to do, came & did their job, and cleaned up. They work in a very efficient manner. We are totally satisfied and will use them again for our next project. I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the person who was in charge of the job at our house. (The other company who gave us a bid, had no brochures and didn't talk about what the job entailed.)

Written by Rosie S. on February 2nd, 2016

Reviewing: Earthquake Retro-Fit