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Great Job Fixing Cracked Basement Wall

Basement wall had a 2 inch wide crack running the entire height of the wall. Garden slugs were living in that crack; you could hear the water dripping behind the knotty cedar paneling. Horrifying. Met with Tyler Reitzer (superintendent). He did a very thorough inspection of the wall and surrounding sources of water, explained very clearly what he would do to fix the crack (9,000psi fiber reinforced mortar; injection of water activated urethane) and offered additional (free) advice about how I could reduce hydrostatic pressure against the wall by fixing some other minor leaks (which I did). Juan Ledesma (field technician), arrived exactly on time, performed the work exactly as specified, made sure I knew what he was doing and was satisfied with the results, and left the work area cleaner than he had found it. A good experience from start to finish.

Written by Michael R. on June 2nd, 2018

Reviewing: Concrete Crack Repair/Injection