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Great Job and Communication

David A. came with an affordable bid for a basement wall that was bowed and cracked from tree roots. He lined up a plumber ( Crown plumbing, also great to work with that outfit) to handle some prep work, then had his crew headed by Tyler to do the basement work. Polite, professional, and skilled. Took time to explain what was going on, great dust protection, using plastic barriers, air scrubbers, etc. Man, the result was amazing and now I feel I need to clean out the junk in that basement and make it live up to its new walls!!! I would definitely call Western to give you a bid on your foundation/basement issues. They won't fudge or make stuff----honesty is really a plus. I appreciate how they line up other contractors to do prep work if needed and also carpentry if's super hard finding contractors to take on smaller jobs.

Written by Haig V. on September 7th, 2018

Reviewing: Foundation Repair & Restoration