Valley Appliance Center ( Formerly Taybin’s Appliances)

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5 Star Review By Rochelle Coburn

Ramon is absolutely fabulous. Came out yo fix my frog they day I ask. Saved me tons of money. And did it right. I don't recommend a lot of people. But you have the best of the best here!!!

rochelle coburn Jun 28th, 2020 Google

5 Star Review By Lil Wheeler

I bought a dishwasher, dryer and washing machine. The washer had only COLD water rinse that doesn't get out the soap, so Ramon hooked up 2 splitters and a hot water hose so the rinse is set to WARM which does get the soap out of the clothes. Very creative, Ramon! Stove and refrigerator in the future.

lil wheeler Feb 22nd, 2020 Google