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5 Star Review By V S

I absolutely recommend Dr. Youngs office! In the last 6 months I have had many dental procedures done- from tooth extraction to deep cleanings and fillings. I showed up to a new patient appointment with a tooth ache and left with an appointment to get the tooth removed as well as a dental plan for all of my needs. All of the staff members are kind and helpful, super personable and fun, they treat me like a person not just a patient. I would say that for the first time in my life I am super motivated to continue going to the dentist and get my dental needs sorted out instead of neglecting them. If you fear the pain of dental work or are embarrassed because you have neglected to see a dentist, please take the first step and schedule an appointment, you will be pain free in no time. Dr. Young has done a beautiful job on my teeth and I have had 0 problems after my procedures, he is an amazing dentist and I feel confident and comfortable in his office.

v s Feb 3rd, 2021 Google

5 Star Review By Chris Jumonville

While I have had my own teeth cleaned and worked on at Dr. Young's office numerous times, the real story here is my wife. My wife had to basically have her mouth re-worked. This is something we were forced to do due to the fact that her bite was so bad from never having had it corrected when she was a kid, that she had entirely worn down her back molars (all of them) which meant they would need to be pulled and replaced with implants. So now she has 10 implants (all of her molars too) and the rest are crowns. Never in a million years would I have thought this would cost me 50k. When the dentist first told us that figure I laughed, not even thinking that teeth could cost tis much. However, we got quotes from a number of other dentists and they all told me numbers that were right around 50k, so I guess the joke was on me (dental work isn't cheap!). Anyways, this whole process took well over a year, but the end result is some seriously nice teeth. All of her molars were replaced with implants, and every single one of her front teeth (top and bottom) were done with crowns. I've included before and after photos so you can see the difference. The moral of the story her folks is take care of your kids teeth, and take care of your teeth! Cosmetic dental work is NOT cheap. I am lucky we had so much equity in our old house that I was able to pay for them in cash when we sold it. Dr. Young and all of his staff are truly amazing people who are willing to work with you even if you can't pay the cost all up front. In fact, knowing I couldn't pay 50k all at once, they conveniently broke it up for us into multiple visits where I would pay around 7-10k each time. Sure, it was still expensive, but it really helped us to be honest. I don't think that either of us could have asked for a more positive experience with a dentist, and I am very glad we found Dr. Young. These pictures alone showcase just how amazing his work is!

Chris Jumonville Dec 14th, 2020 Google