Tierra Rose

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5 Star Review By Ricky Senter

The sweetest thing happened yesterday. My beautiful wife, Shelly Senter’s grandmother went to live in a assisted living facility a few year ago. Living so far away, across the country, we do not get the opportunity to visit her, but she is always in our thoughts. Shelly has made it a point to send a card to Grammie nearly every week, to let her know what we are doing, let her know she is in our thoughts and to give her something to look forward to. I have often wondered if anyone at the facility or family have taken the time to read the cards to her. Then yesterday when I went to the mail box there was a great surprise, a card from Grammie addressed to Shelly and I. Some special person took the time and effort to help Grammie write a card to us. Bless them and thank you.

Ricky Senter Jun 25th, 2019 Google

4 Star Review By Ida Allen

I just took my mother out to move her closer to me. I was for the most part happy with her care at Tierra Rose. I learned quickly that the more I showed my presence the better they cared for her. I also learned to be patient and realize that my mother wasn't the only resident there and the aids had to split their time among several people. Usually my wishes for my mom were honored and I appreciated that. They fed mom very well and took time with her. Once in a while they left food on her face which was hurtful to me. I must also point out that the place more often than not smells awful. I was embarrassed to take family members there for visits. If I would change anything that would be high on my list.

Ida Allen Nov 23rd, 2017 Google