First of all, I hope you will find encouragement today with this message. 

I took some time to walk around our property yesterday morning and heard the birds singing. During this time of uncertainty, it reminded me of these powerful words from Matthew 6:26. 

Matthew 6:26

While I understand that everybody may not share my faith, and that finding peace in all of this is easier said than done, I still hope it provides encouragement. 

If you believe that prayer makes a difference, will you join me and continue to pray for our leaders, our country and world, our communities, and our loved ones? Pray for those who are vulnerable, worried, and struggling … that they may find health, peace, comfort, and be encouraged.

Secondly, I had a chance to interview Kyle Sexton over the weekend for a radio show that I host (the Digital Contractor show on Turf’s Up Radio).

Kyle is a well-respected author, speaker, and marketing strategist, and happens to be my best friend (after my wife, of course). 

Interview w/ Kyle Sexton

He shared 3 positive contagions that are incredibly timely for such as time as this:

  1. Attitude
  2. Generosity
  3. Leadership

We also talked about things that we need to be focused on right now as local businesses and leaders in our community, both from a marketing and leadership standpoint. While it is an hour long, I think it is well worth the listen.

Third, do you have a positive story that you’d like to share? 

If so, we’d love to do a Zoom interview with you. It might be something positive that is happening in your business or ways that you are supporting the community.  As we like to say in our team meetings, “Tell me something good”. 

We are in this together, and we are better together! If you want to talk, shoot me an email or give us a call. Let us know how we can help. 

We appreciate you greatly. Thank you. 

Tim Fahndrich
Co-founder & CEO

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