When you see big platforms like YouTube in the news for failing to act on online harassment, it might be difficult to relate to as a local business owner.

Last month, Aqsa Rasool reported on a recent incident between Carlos Maza and Steven Crowder, and the need for more direct and clear policies from YouTube.

YouTube’s current harassment and cyberbullying policies clearly say that any content that humiliates or hurt anyone else on purpose will be considered against the policies of the platform. Yet it decided to let go Crowder despite many arguing that he violated the rules. 

– Aqsa Rasool, Digital Information World
Read the article in its entirety here.

YouTube may not be able to figure out how to deal with online harassment and negativity, but when it comes to being a local business owner, avoiding all of that entirely, is key. Keeping it positive is good for business!

Kris has tips on how to deal with a situation where you might bump up against your competitors less-than-stellar work.

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