Strategic content marketing can be an asset to the marketing and sales aspects of your business. Not only can you help educate prospects about why they need your services, but also about why they need services specifically from you.

This non-promotional aspect of content marketing can cause sales teams to overlook it. If a buyer indicates they’re interested in your product or service, of course a sales rep is going to try to sell them. They might think that content marketing principles can’t apply if they’re ready to put their product and services front and center.  

But, that’s not how we should think about content marketing, which is defined as distributing valuable and consistent content to a defined audience to drive a profitable customer action. Your content strategy can — and should — include your sales tools like collateral, demos, pricing sheets, ROI assessments, and more. Sales tools are how your sales reps deliver tailored content to interested prospects to drive them to buy.

Jillian Hufford for CMS Wire
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Kris talks about using digital marketing to help qualify prospects.

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