Sometimes its easy to confuse whether your business should be focusing on content marketing or brand storytelling. While they seem similar on the surface, they perform very different functions. Emma Beavon outlines the differences well:

[Content marketing] refers to the practice of publishing educational and promotional content for your prospects and customers. Helpful and interesting content is shared by the brand, instead of telling people about how interesting and helpful the brand itself is. 

[Brand storytelling] refers to every message your brand sends out. This covers the advertisements and marketing campaigns the company purposefully sends out to the public as well as how the company is perceived and talked about by the public and its employees. 

A brand’s story is more than what it tells people. It is what the public believes about the brand based on all the signals your company sends out.

Emma Beavon for Media Update
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Kris talks about how your business should use both marketing methods to your advantage.

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