Do you struggle asking your customers for reviews? 

We all know how valuable reviews are for our businesses. They provide social proof, boost our reputation and local SEO, attract new customers, and bottom line – grow revenue.

But let’s be honest, the process of gathering those golden reviews can sometimes feel like climbing Mount Everest.

Here are a few of the challenges and mindset issues that we’ve seen over the years and how to overcome them.

  1. Fear of negative feedback: We worry about negative reviews, so we don’t ask. We don’t want to hear it! But, all feedback is good feedback and there is gold in both positive and negative feedback.
  2. Lack of time and priority: Our customers are busy, so we hesitate to ask and add one more thing to their day. So, make it super easy for them to write a review, and easy on yourself as well.
  3. Engaging the indifferent: If you’re struggling to get reviews due to apathy, work harder to create memorable experiences for your customers that foster loyalty and engage them to want to give feedback.
  4. Forced limitations: Google is the most important place to get a review, but don’t force it down their throat. There a numerous reasons why your customers may not want to write a Google review, so provide 1-2 other options that gives your customers a choice of review platforms.
  5. Lack of awareness: Customers often don’t know how much of a difference their review can make for your small business. Many people would love to help you grow, so educate customers about the importance of their feedback.
  6. Incentive dilemmas: Some people tell you to incentive reviews. We say no. Ask, but don’t bribe them with incentives. You want your reviews to reflect authentic customer experiences.

Embrace these challenges as opportunities for growth. Be proactive, genuine, and strive to create exceptional experiences. Together, we can build trust and credibility through the power of authentic reviews!

 If you’d like help with an automated system to ask for reviews, let us know.

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