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5 Star Review By Kara Stair

Having come from a horrible, no touching, unhelpful and rushed experience at David's Bridal I was dreading to continue shopping elsewhere. There was a lot of trepidation when I walked into Shabby Chic. I was greeted cheerfully by Kara, the owner, and told that I could touch the dresses and pick out whatever I wanted to try. It was like being a kid in a candy store! Every dress I tried on Kara would come and adjust it with clips and give me options on alterations and changes. I could walk around and stay in front of the mirror as long as I wanted. There was no rushing me out the door. It is a relaxed and wonderful atmosphere, with great service, and amazing prices. You will be happy that you went to Shabby Chic...I know I am as I said yes to the dress!!

Kara Stair Feb 17th, 2021 Google

5 Star Review By Daisy Ripke

I’m so grateful I found this little boutique! After two appointments that consisted of no dress touching/looking/shopping attempts and about 7 hours of wasted time at David’s Bridal, I was feeling so disappointed at the minimal selection my daughter was allowed to have in her attempt to find the dress that spoke to her. So in a last attempt trip before facing the unappealing idea of having to go to Portland to find a dress, I drove my daughter to this adorable boutique. The experience there was perfect! She got to look at ALL the dresses, touch the fabric, hold the dress to see how heavy/light it would be to wear, look at the colors, designs and shapes. Her previous shopping attempts were void of all these little, but important moments that allowed HER to pick the dress she wanted, not the person working at the store. And because of this, she found her wedding dress at this adorable boutique. She stood on their bridal platform beaming and doing half circle turns as she reveled in the happiness of finding the right dress. If your looking for the right dress, and you want an experience that’s traditional and personal, go to The Shabby Chic Boutique and give this little business a chance to serve your bride.

Daisy Ripke Aug 23rd, 2020 Google