Thai Orchid Restaurant ————-

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4 Star Review By J S

I love this place. I think it may the very first place that I ever tried Thai food at. Well? It's still here and it's still wonderful. I'm happy to see they are moving to a better location.

J S Dec 22nd, 2020 Google

4 Star Review By Ryan LeClaire

We moved to Salem right at the start of the pandemic from Seattle. Not the best time to learn about your new community and experience all of the dining options. We've been searching for a good Thai restaurant and have had disappointment after disappointment. Finally, Thai Orchid hit the target. The flavors were more authentic Thai / Vietnamese than the Panda Expressy type of Asian that is all-too-often served up at other Thai joints. My only complaint was that the food was a bit too oily than I would prefer.

Ryan LeClaire Nov 29th, 2020 Google