Pacific Stair Christmas Party

We held our Christmas Party at your facility Friday December 11th and it was amazing! The staff was 5 Star (w/ the exception of the female bartender, she was kind of snappy) and bent over backwards to accommodate our group. At the end of the evening, the owner was giving $100 tips to the staff and there was one server who approached the owner for her tip, but I had not seen her helping w/ our event the entire night. Could she have come from serving at another party held that night when she heard there was a drunk owner handing out $100 bills?? I recognized "our" servers over the course of the evening, but this particular female server I'd never seen before.
I tend to be a "micro-manager" and the staff helping at our party was patient, attentive and so helpful.
On our contract, it was stated that the owner like a particular drink. Sarah had it clearly written on the contract, but the bar did not have his favorite Christian Brothers brandy, Kahlua, and the coffee was not particularly hot. While I was in the food line, it was brought to my attention that the owner didn't have his drink of choice. I found a staff member, explained our problem , and he promptly ran "across the street" to get the owner the brandy he favored! So, like I said, the staff was 5 star!!
The food was amazing...w/ the exception of the very rare prime rib. The end cuts were great, but I heard a lot of complaints that the prime rib was just too rare for most people. We have prime rib at every Christmas party, so the employees are used to it being more on the rare side than traditional meat, but in this case, it was just a bit too red for people's preference. The rest of the food though, was top notch. There was plenty, it was hot and the turkey was the best many people have ever had!
I didn't see coffee or tea displayed for consumption like the contract stated. Perhaps I didn't see it, but I asked other employees after the party, and they didn't see it either???
The tables were decorated perfectly, it would have been nice to have steak knives since prime rib was served. People had to us their butter knives! The staff was spot on when breaking down a couple of tables when it was time to dance, and assured me they could take tables away quickly if the extra tables weren't needed as I was worried that my head count was off.
I heard that the dessert and appetizers were good however, I regretfully didn't have any of these.
People who stayed @ the hotel after the party raved about the nice hotel rooms & staff.
All in all, our party was wonderful, made particularly amazing by the staff & facility!
Thank you to Sarah and ALL who helped make our event our best Christmas to date!

Written by Tamela U. on December 16th, 2015

Reviewing: Social Event

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