Salem Computer Doctor

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Meet the Doctor-
With 30 years of professional experience as a computer technician, Brian Smith is highly qualified. His customers rave about the service he provides as well as his expertise. In each interaction, Brian seeks to earn his clients’ trust by solving a wide range of technical problems and keeping the mood light. You will not be disappointed when you call Brian Smith.

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Superb Service

Brian did a fantastic job getting my laptop repaired. The keyboard of my company issued laptop stopped working properly. Brian suggested I use an eternal keyboard while he researched the part needed. Brian let me know right away the estimated wait time fo Keep Readingr the part to arrive and stated he would make a House call to pick up and repair my laptop. My laptop was picked up on Friday afternoon and ready to be delivered to me the following business day. Brian was a trustworthy source I felt confident in allowing access to my company computer. The Computer Doctor that still makes house calls has my highest recommendation for anyone needing his service! Thank You computer Dr! Your professionalism and service was top notch!

Tracy L. Sep 6th, 2019