Safe Stor – West Salem

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5 Star Review By Dan Scott

Ugh. I made my reservation a week in advance. When I arrived I heard "we have no reservation for you." However, she did offer units here. Turns out, my reading skills aren't what they should be. I made a reservation at the wrong location! She was able to hook me up AND honor the special from the other location (though I have to assume the discount was a company thing). Very glad she (not sure I got her name, sorry!) was able to help after a very hectic week of moving from Arizona. Definitely recommend!

Dan Scott Feb 12th, 2021 Google

5 Star Review By Kilee Perez

Quick and easy setup to get into a unit. I put in a request online the night before they called back immediately to verify. And we're ready to set me up with a unit first thing the next morning and able to move in the same day. Very friendly and professional and reasonably priced.

Kilee Perez Feb 16th, 2021 Google