Runaway Art & Craft Studio

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5 Star Review By Carol G

Runaway Art and Craft Studio has a little bit of everything you need for your crafty passions. I go to support local business, and I never leave disappointed. I found the tools and paints I needed for my acrylic painting hobbies within the first five minutes of entering the store. The staff are very nice and informative and take you right where you need to go. They also keep a log of your purchases for rewards if your a frequent customer. Definitely give this place a visit before you head to Michaels or other big house craft departments. It's fun, it's local, it's well-stocked, it's humanely priced, and it's a good atmosphere. Solid 5 stars. Edit: Just wanted to say I love the new location. WAAAAY better parking situation and our shelterless neighbors aren't pooping on the sidewalk outside every morning. It's also next to Big 5 and Perfect Look, my other favorite stores.

Carol G Jan 20th, 2021 Google

4 Star Review By Dabtastik

Mom n pop art supply store with smaller selection... large selection of Copic Markers though!

Dabtastik Mar 13th, 2021 Google