Ritter’s Housemade Foods

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4 Star Review By Phoebe Zajac

It was very good, but quite pricey. A few tips I would give to the restaurant: -Make the mushroom goat cheese pizza a little less salty and a little more crispy. Half of it was very doughy. -I couldn't taste lemon in the crab and shrimp sandwich at all and missed it. -The sandwich with the bacon pepper jam was very small for the price and wasn't quite as good as it sounded. The bread would have been better toasted. Overall we enjoyed our meal, but felt some items were overpriced for what you got even taking into account the quality of the ingredients. I am happy to pay for quality, but I felt it wasn't quite as good as it could have been. A few small changes would take it up to the next level and justify the price point.

Phoebe Zajac Nov 6th, 2020 Google

5 Star Review By Jennifer Taylor

Five of us met for lunch all having something different. We were all pleased with our selections. Staff is delightful and helpful. The bar is amazing. We shared a salad and pizza and that was perfect, but there were many things on the menu I would have liked to try. The restaurant was full and bustling, but it was very easy to carry on a conversation.

Jennifer Taylor Oct 8th, 2020 Google