Sexual dysfunction is a treatable condition. In our integrative health center we utilize an individualized approach and offer many tools to help you to rejuvenate and heal yourself. Based on your symptoms and test results your individualized sexual dysfunction treatment options might include diet and lifestyle modification, herbal supplements; nutritional vitamins and minerals, and bioidentical hormones.

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Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female Sexual Dysfunction Specialist Midtown NYC

What is a Female Sexual Dysfunction?
Sexual activity and response is a complex symphony of interchange between emotions, physiology, experiences, and relationships. Disintegration of any above mentioned features can affect sexual response, satisfaction and cause sexual dysfunction.

Research studies conducted by various scientists showed that engaging in sexual activity is not a priority for many women. One sex survey published in Time Magazine indicated that women prefer food to sex; other surveys found that women may prefer to be more in touch with their sexuality but might not have the desire to do so.
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