They Helped Me Find a Career

I applied with BDI and they had me come it and get to know me a bit and got me an interview the next day!!!! And I Got highered! When that one didn't work out they got me another interview 2 days later and I get the job and I love it!!! I would still be unemployed if it wasnt for BDI Because I didnt really have any work experience but they work hard and fast to get you employed and I'm so grateful someone suggested them to me =)

Written by Marie P. on March 22nd, 2015

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1 Star Review by Lisa H.

Be able to get a hold of the Recruiter in the Salem office
~ Lisa H.

Bdi Staffing is a Great Staffing Agency to Help You Get a Full-Time Job and Perm…

BdI staffing is a great staffing agency to help you get a full-time job and permanent work. You just have to have a resume and fill out the application online and talk to the recruiter.
~ Lorna E.

2 Star Review by R N.

Still waiting.
~ R N.

1 Star Review by Tom R.

Have lot of experience in different fields filled out paperwork a year ago have never heard a word and have applied to several adds
~ Tom R.

5 Star Review by Jen B.

I had been job hunting for months, but Todd was the first person to give me constructive, actionable feedback on my resume. After taking his suggestions, I had new interest, interviews within a week…
~ Jen B.

5 Star Review by Norman F.

It has been a long time since i had the privilege to work for this Company, but i can say that without a doubt, it has been my favorite organization to work for, the assistance they provided was simpl…
~ Norman F.

The Best I Have Ever Dealt with

I found that the hiring process was simple and fast. The staff is friendly. I was placed with a company right a way.
~ Melinda C.

The Best I Have Ever Dealt with

Friendly, fast, convenient and courteous
~ Melinda F.

Civil Inspector

I have been with BDI for many years, The staff at BDI are always friendly and helpful. Over the years, the company seems to improve on there service. I like the way they do business.
~ Steve H.

Pleasant to Work With!

I only worked with BDI for my paperwork and was processed through their payroll but I was very pleased with all my interactions! I would recommend them
~ Joel R.