Power Pre Owned

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5 Star Review By Jamie Holmes

Right out of the gate, our salesman, Ryan Shelton's demeanor was calm and professional. I was immediately impressed with him. I am one who is instantly turned off by a pushy sales person and one who is too aloof. Ryan had the perfect balance of giving us space but still attentive enough to know when to be there to answer our questions. I will recommend him to anyone looking to buy a pre-owned vehicle. I didn't haggle on the price because the driver and passenger windows on the truck were permanently scraped making it difficult to see through and I wanted the sales manager to do the right thing and replace the glass as part of the deal. At first he didn't seem too keen on the idea, but you know what? In the end he did just that...the right thing. That impressed me again. All in all the process went well and we have our truck. So, thanks guys. We're happy.

Jamie Holmes Mar 8th, 2021 Google

5 Star Review By Alexis Martinez

Worked with Cris and he could have not made the experience go any smoother. He was quick, efficient, answered all my questions and made sure that I got the best possible deal. I highly recommend!

alexis martinez Feb 5th, 2021 Google